Our Next and Recent Meetings – 2019/21

We are excited now to be able to resume our programme, with Zoom talks on Tuesdays in January, February and  March, April and May 2021 may just manage Speaker to Mask?  Watch this space.

  • September 29th: Liz Woolley on “Local connections with the Spanish Civil War”.
  • Spanish war liz woolley programme
  • October 27th: “Test Pit Possibilities at home, and recent archaeology in the Vale”
  • Test pits AGM and archaeology review 2020 rev2
  • November 24th: “The river at War”, an account by Bill King of the River Thames as an important strategic feature and industrial contributor in the Second World War.
  • November Zoom meeting Thames at war
  • January 26th The Otmoor Riots in a wider context – Ciaran Walsh
  • January Zoom meeting Otmoor
  • OUR SPRING 2021SEASON : We did succeed in holding two ‘face to mask’ meetings before the lockdown forced us onto Zoom.  The programme until May is shown above.  This will continue on Zoom until we can use the village hall again.
February 2019  Witney Blanket programme
January canal programme
November 19 Chilterns prog rev3
Radcot October programme
September 20 Newbury programme rev 1
1920 overall programme rev 2

You can gain an overview of our programme of talks for 2018 to 2019 by following the “1819” link below. Several other specimen programmes are also attached.

 1819 overall programme

January 1819 poster

February 1819 William Wintle poster

March 1819 Literary Oxford 2019 2 Poster

April 1919 Anni Byard  poster

19 May Becky Hogben poster