Our Next Meeting – 2019/20

This page shows the overview of talks for this year and other individual programmes .  This page usually contains the programme poster for the current month’s talk when this becomes available, usually on about the 7th of the month.

February Witney Blanket programme

January canal programme

November 19 Chilterns prog rev3

Radcot October programme

September 20 Newbury programme rev 1

1920 overall programme rev 2

You can gain an overview of our programme of talks for last year by following the “1819” link below. Several other specimen programmes are also attached.

 1819 overall programme

January 1819 poster

February 1819 William Wintle poster

March 1819 Literary Oxford 2019 2 Poster

April 1919 Anni Byard  poster

19 May Becky Hogben poster