Village Walks


Hanney History Walk, a guided tour to the Hanneys

During the “lockdown” introduced nationally from mid-March to mid-May 2020, as a control measure for the Covid19 pandemic, we saw people taking exercise by walking round East and West Hanney. To help them be more aware of their surroundings in a historical context, the Group rapidly produced, published and distributed a pamphlet to provide a brief history of some of the buildings.

We also made this pamphlet available, warts and all, as a pdf document on line. It is an interim document, produced as a very rapid response. To download this original Hanney History Walk, click here: Hanney history walk

Update of Hanney History Walk

In response to comments we received, and to make some corrections, we have re-issued the online version:


We visited Buckland House; Uffington Museum, church and village; and finally Shaw Church and Shaw House.  The photos in the ‘Visits’ section show some of these sights – sadly we were not allowed to photograph inside Buckland House.


Last year we carried out no walks in Hanney itself but decided to go to Garford instead for our final trip, as we had an expert guide in our midst in the person of Mike Greig, HHG member and resident of Garford for these past 12 years. See the ‘ Visits’ section for more details.

Previous Years

In summer we go on visits, which sometimes involve  a walk too.  Usually we have a tour of a local village or town at least once a year. We have also organised three walks in Hanney in recent years to highlight the quality of the landscape we appreciate and to help efforts made to preserve it, such as the Hanney Flood and Community Woodland groups.   Some details can be found elsewhere on the site.  See: