Historic Landscape

The landscape of the Hanneys splits broadly into the village streetscapes and the surrounding agriculture. The former have now been summarised into two Character Studies of East and West Hanney, created in response to the Neighbourhood Plan. These can be found elsewhere in the website but the link to each is included below. These were written almost entirely by members of the History Group but have been published by the respective parish councils. We appreciate their permission to publish these documents herein. They both represent a moment in time between 2019 and 2021. There are no plans to keep them up to date but we would hope to add an occasional and unofficial appendix, if only to keep up with the house building!

These two studies broadly summarise the history, architecture, landscape features and ecology of both villages and their surroundings in a way that captures the essential character that sets the Hanneys apart rather than offer an academic record. They also reflect the feelings of the inhabitants in around 2020. We have however tried to keep the facts correct but will welcome suggested amendments for future appendices and for our record of developments in both our buildings, fields and our group’s knowledge.

The links for these two village surveys will be shown below. Currently however only the West Hanney site has been cleared for publication and can be accessed through this link.

We would further recommend a review of the local area to be found in the Natural England summary of local landscapes. The link to this very comprehensive work is to be found in the agriculture and ecology section on this site.