Hanney victory parade 1919

This photograph of some of the returning soldiers to Hanney was taken in summer 1919. They attended a parade and dinner, organised by H.L. Edwards, Hanney school master. It followed the signing of the Versailles Treaty and strictly speaking was a peace celebration. Many have the look of survivors rather than victors?

Back Row

Alfred George Cox (Alf), Herbert Parker, Henry Breakspear (Harry), Leonard Barrett (Len), Frederick Kerry Monk (Fred), Reginald James Farr (Reg), Maurice Lamble, Joseph John Heredge (Joe), Walter Barrett.

Second Row (This row has a name missing)

John Holmes, Guy Smith, William Fisher, Fred Daubney, Walter Tame, William Shepherd (Bill), Frank Lamble.

Third Row

Robert Eustace Ayris (Bob), Harold Clifford Pattrick, Frank Monk, Frederick Burson, William John Walcroft, Charles Froude (Charlie), Seymour Charles Tarry, Charles Richard Carr (Richard), Alfred Robert Ferris (Alf), Alfred James Alder (Alf), Jim Lamble.

Fourth Row

H.L. Edwards (Schoolmaster), Frederick Boor (Fred), Jimmy McLachlan, Evelyn William Stevenson (William), Roy Barrett, George Booth, John Lamble (Jack), John Fisher, Alfred Carvey, Charles Church, James Lamble, Thomas Norris (Tom), John Nobes (Jack).

Fifth Row

William Cox (Billy), Maurice Henry Shepherd, Henry Wall Broughton, Stanley Charles Godfrey, Walter Reginald Forty Herman (Reg), Ernest William Ireson Tarry (Ernie), Stanley John Herman (Stan), Leslie Charles Herman (Les).

Front Row

Walter Belcher, Fred Goddard, Percy Cyril Belcher, Charles Lyford (Charlie), Harold Ardley Fuller (Harry), Arthur Dunsden, Oliver Carpenter, Frank Dunsden, Thomas Nobes (Tom), Claude Ellinson Evans Shepherd, Albert Fletcher.