Activities & Opportunities

We should like a few volunteers from amongst our members to help us organisation of our archive. The first, and most important, stage will be to simply sort and list what we have in the hall cupboards and at our various homes.  There may then be a future option to publish some of these on the website, as well as a catalogue of what members can access. Finally, in future, we may be able to create a small display, perhaps in the hall, of a few significant items of Hanney history.

The archive exercise will initially be on one or two evenings in the Old Hanney Room, with the option then of boxing material into manageable chunks and finishing lists at home to avoid room hire costs. No special skills will be needed. Hopefully this can be achieved by the end of 2023. If you would be willing to give up a couple of evenings for about 2 hours in March/April, please email William Orson or put your name on the list at the next meeting.