Village Developments


The History Group is consulted fairly frequently on village developments and these pages will be partly used to highlight these enquiries as they arise. In recent years we have had some involvement in:

  • The Village Neighbourhood Plans for East and West Hanney.  Details of both plans can be found on the Parish Council websites for both villages
  • The Character Study for West Hanney was produced in its initial form by the History Group before consultation with local stakeholders.
  • After the praise given to the West Hanney Character Study, the group were asked to redraft the East Hanney Document to match the style of the first West Hanney study.  This was finished and approved by the Vale assessors.  Both can be found on the website.
  • The History Group organised the archaeological survey into Garstane Paddock in East Hanney.
  • We carried out some research into Kings Lease Field after it was taken by East Hanney Parish Council. A group member carried out a metal detector survey of the field and found hundreds of objects which were included in an exhibition at the 2017 Michaelmas Fayre. We also organised a similar exhibition in 2019 and another in 2018. This latter show was also supported by a small exhibition on the William Woodward tomb restoration. More details can be found in the archaeological section of this website.
  • A presentation was given by Paul Sayers at our 2020 AGM of recent archaeological developments in Hanney and Grove, mostly as a result of development activity. The full presentation can be seen in the Archaeology Data section on this site.
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  • We continue to send frequent letters to the Vale Planning Committee to ensure various planning decisions are made on the best possible evidence
  • We organised an exhibition in the church in 2010 to display the newly discovered and restored West Hanney Brooch – see below:

The West Hanney Brooch before[L] and after restoration[R]. The brooch was found in a 2009 metal detector rally. Members of the group assisted with, but did not organise, the rally.  The brooch is normally on display at the Oxfordshire Museum at Woodstock.

  • We have usually organised a small display at the Michaelmas Fayres.
  • At the 2014 WW1 commemoration we organised a major exhibition in the village hall, and placed memorial folders for the fallen of the Great War in the church.
  • We remembered the early years of the Second World War at a successful exhibition at the 2019 Michaelmas Fayre. A folder was also created for the fallen of this conflict, who are also named on the memorial in the church.
  • we delivered a class at Hanney School on the subject of WW2 and evacuees.  The children were very involved – well most of them. The powerpont is here War comes to Hanney School 1939 4:
  • Our last exhibition covered the Queen’s 70th Jubilee in 2022.