Current & Past Projects

Hanney History Group has engaged in many projects over the years and we will gradually add these to these pages.

2017-18 AGM -activities and report

The attached sequence of slides [ which should open as a pdf. for those without Powerpoint] summarise the activities of 2017/18. They include the officers’ reports, a summary of the year’s activities, our financial position and a presentation delivered by one of our members, Andy Robertson.

HHG-Presentation-Andy-magaziness-spare-R1a (1)

2018-19 AGM Activities and Report

To be added shortly  25/10/2019

Images of the Upper Thames

The presentation below was a review of what historical information could be gained by assessing the art that has depicted the Thames over the last 400 years and earlier.

Images and Industry on the Upper Thames website copy

Radcot Presentation and Research Report

These two attachments comprise a slide show on the history of Radcot and a report by Wessex Archaeology that covers the research they completed for a Time Team Dig that rediscovered Radcot Castle in 2009.

Radcot and its Bridges v7 PDF

Wessex Archaeology-Jan 09 (1) Radcot

Hanney History Group Newsletters 1999-2008

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