This period is one of agricultural and  industrial revolution, the digging of canals and the carving of railways, not to mention World Wars and economic crises.

World War 2

In 2019 we investigated how The Hanneys were affected by the threat and onset of the Second World War eighty years earlier. Click here to see what we found. World War 2 comes to Hanney

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The second World War comes to the Hanneys

This investigation led us to follow up the defence system “Stop Line Red”, remnants of which are still clearly visible during any walk along the River Thames in this area.  We found a publication “Invasion 1940 – Britain’s Defence Line near Radley” produced by  Kennington History Society researcher Leslie Smith, and Radley College archivist Tony Money . Hanney History group would like to acknowledge the generosity of Radley College Archive and Kennington History Society in making this publication available as part of our commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the start of World War 2.

Click here to read the document: Defence stop line 1940